Our vision statement is Love. Change. Together. In Christ. This has become central to our purpose as a church family. Our prayer is that this vision will continue to ignite our hearts and compel us to reach increasingly “Beyond our Walls”

A Message From Our Minister

Not long after his resurrection, Jesus challenged a small band of disciples to be his witnesses in their surrounding area, and beyond their borders to the “ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). Tapping into this call, we developed a vision that involves “changing our world through Jesus Christ by making disciples who love one another in community.” This vision is distilled into four, distinct, but connected words: Love.Change.Together.In Christ.

For the past several years, we’ve been more intentional about living out this vision, focusing and connecting all ministries and activities to this overarching vision. During this time, God has further nudged us to think “beyond our walls” into the communities surrounding our facilities. We’ve acted upon this nudge and dreamed of how we could better reach the unchurched in our immediate area, even as we keep an eye toward the world.

After much prayer, conversation, and consideration, we have developed plans that include the renovation and expansion of our current facilities, as well as developing our property with our neighbors in mind. We call this dream, “Beyond Our Walls,” which artistically and verbally captures the scope of our vision.

This website is devoted precisely to the “Beyond Our Walls” campaign. This site will give you information about the plans, answer some of your questions, keep you updated and informed, and invite you to participate. So, take a few minutes, look around and learn how you can go with us “Beyond Our Walls” to share the love of Christ with our neighbors.

Campaign Details

Our current focus is to reach out more to our community and serve the unchurched, as well as expand our current facilities to accommodate the tremendous growth in our Children’s and Student ministries.

To accomplish this vision, CrossBridge will engage in a three-year capital campaign, beginning in the Fall of 2016.

The goals of this campaign will be:

We will not incur any additional debt, and will only complete what the pledged and collected funds allow.

To completely fund all these projects by raising a total of $2 million dollars.

Retire our existing debt within 8 years. Our desire is to be debt free so we can increase ministry and mission opportunities.


Project Plans

Facility Renovation
To create more room for children and students and develop more space for broader connection and fellowship

Property development
To develop our property for greater visibility and easier access to our neighbors.

Multi-Purpose Building
To construct a multi-purpose facility with space for adult education, seminars, fellowship activities and community outreach.

Estimated Costs & Features

Multi-Purpose Building: Estimated Cost $1.5 million

  • Construct a multi-purpose facility
  • Adult education
  • Seminars
  • Fellowship activities and
  • Community outreach

Facility Expansion: Estimated Cost $250,000

  • Reconfigure children’s wing to address over-crowded classrooms
  • Reconfigure downstairs youth wing to allow for continued growth
  • Create more space in foyer for greater connection and fellowship

Property Development: Estimated Cost $250,000

  • Develop walking trails for community use
  • Create prayer/meditation spaces along trails for rest and quiet time
  • Build accessible patio for neighbors to enjoy family time and for church gatherings
  • Install a professional playground for our children’s ministry and our neighbors

Important Dates To Remember

Beyond Our Walls

Sept. 11– Launch Sunday
Oct. 23– Communication Sunday (call to church)
Oct. 26– Begin 40 Days of Prayer
Nov. 6, 13, 20, 27– Bible Class & Sermon Series
Nov. 19- 24-hour Prayer Vigil
Dec. 4– Committment Sunday
Dec. 11– Celebration and First Fruits Sunday

Contact Us

If you’d like additional information about the campaign, please talk with any of our staff members, shepherds, campaign directors (Eric Bishop and Al Pollard) or campaign managers (Harold Watson and Gregg Waycaster). We welcome any and all questions at any time. Please fill out the form below, and a shepherd will contact you.